Transforming curiosity into knowledge through data-driven discovery. 


Dr. Greg Chism is a data scientist, educator, and behavioral ecologist with a passion for open access data science and democratizing education. As an Assistant Professor of Practice at the University of Arizona iSchool, he develops open source statistics and reproducible research curriculum, while measuring their educational impact.

With extensive experience in data visualization, data analytics, and data ethics, Dr. Chism is dedicated to helping others harness the power of data for compelling storytelling and informed decision-making. An advocate for education for all, he bridges the gap between data analysis and real-world applications.

Dr. Chism is dedicated to equipping individuals with the tools and knowledge necessary to harness the power of data in their respective fields. Through his work, he has successfully helped over twenty individuals leverage data to tell compelling stories and make informed decisions.


Courses developed


student projects mentored


years of experience


Data Science
Machine Learning
Web Design
Data Viz


  • Assistant Professor of Practice @UArizona

    2022-Present | Tucson, AZ

    Developing and executing innovative project-based learning courses in data vizualization data mining, and MS capstones.

  • Data Science Educator @UArizona

    2022-Present | Tucson, AZ

    Worked on a team responsible for establishing the UArizona Data Science Institute's education efforts, including mentoring over 40 graduate students and post docs in open, reproducible science.

  • Research Scientist @UArizona

    2017-2022 | Tucson, AZ

    Completed a novel interdisciplinary dissertation which led to three manuscript and three reproducible Binder containers via GitHub actions.

  • Research Assistant @UC Santa Barbara

    2014-2017 | Santa Barbara, CA

    Authored 3 scientific publications, built and maintained 5 reproducible novel data sets.


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Entomology and Insect Science

    2017-2022 | University of Arizona (UArizona)

    Completed a novel dissertaion studying the influence of nest shape on ant colony behavior while also considering implications to human architecture.

  • Bachelor of Science in Zoology

    2014-2016 | UC Santa Barbara

    Completed a senior capstone and presented novel research to diverse research communities.

  • Carpentries Instructor Certification

    2022 | The Carpentries

    Certified to teach all workshops and courses developed by The Carpentries, including formal training in learning theory.